Add a little culture to your life…

April 16, 2007 at 12:00 pm (Nicole refers you)

So, it is my personal opinion that music is life. I simply could not survive without it. This being said, I am about to tell you one of the most amazing places to find new music, at least for me….Starbucks. I have on more than one occasion purchased their compilation CDs – one for the holidays and two that they released for Valentine’s Day. Yesterday, I added to my collection by purchasing “Off the Clock”- a compilation of up-and-coming artists who actually work at Starbucks. I have yet to be disappointed! The music is fresh, exciting and often times exposes me to genres I wouldn’t seek out otherwise. I am a big fan of taking music referrals…I don’t always seek out strange new music on my own, but if someone tells me to check something out, I am more than willing. My friend Brandon hooked me up with a few great songs last night, and my life shall never be the same! So, dear friends…send your referrals my way! And just to be fair, here are a few of my own:

 1) Massive Attack – My all-time favorite band, if you haven’t checked them out, do so.

2) Lamb, Portishead, and Tricky – More trip-hop vibes, perfect for most situations

 3) Boyce Avenue – <—these guys WILL be famous someday, and I will do my part to make sure of it!

4) A Perfect Circle – more specifically “Counting Bodies Like….” <–amazingly sexy for a political anthem

5) MIMS – I found “This Is Why I’m Hot” to be sadly addictive  and picked up the CD for $8 at Target. Well worth every penny…he’s actually a pretty talented rapper.

 Happy Listening!


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The Easter Bunny listens and life lessons learned at a bar

April 9, 2007 at 10:02 am (Schtuff, Sex, Lies, and Videotape)

So, I hardly ever blog on Myspace (or here for that matter!) but last Thursday I posted a blog entitled “Dear Mr. Easter Bunny”. Here it is:

Please send me a man who feels this way about me….(and if at all possible, let him be over 6ft tall and covered in tattoos!)

<Insert lyrics to "Crush" by Dave Matthews Band>

Some songs are just too amazing for words…sigh!

Ironically enough, I went out Friday to support my friend’s band ( <—necessary plug, they rock!) and as fate would have it a very good looking man who was 6’3” and had a couple tattoos hit on me. While the only dialogue we had Friday night was him saying “You look hot” and me sending my friend over to give him my number, it turns out he’s a really cool guy. I was afraid he may just be some good-looking weirdo, but we hung out on Saturday and he’s actually hilarious and not dumb as a fence post.

We parted ways Sunday morning (yeah, he stayed over…so shoot me!) with him saying that he would keep in touch “if I wanted” and I kind of just gave him a smile. I find ending “dates” to be incredibly awkward and I realized after the fact that I may have been a bit hard to read. After he left I sent him a little text message letting him know that I did indeed enjoy his company and would love to see him again. (Sadly, he lives in Jax beach, but assures me he is Gainesville every month to see his parents)

My initial reaction is that he will probably never call again and this will be one more failed dating attempt ending with me being hopeful of something “more”, but I realized something….I need to stop over-analyzing every event in my life. It’s as if I come up with an expectation for every encounter and if I don’t get my desired outcome then the whole event wasn’t worthwhile. Well, screw that attitude. Even if I never hear from this guy again, it was one of the coolest things that ever happened to me. I had a HOT personal trainer hit on me! Amazing. He actually called, actually hung out with me AND wasn’t just trying to get in my pants (or so it seems). He lavished me with compliments all night Saturday and it really was the most amazing self-esteem boost ever!

 So here’s to the unexpected happening — it would be fabulous to hear from you again, hot personal trainer man, but if I don’t — Thanks for making me feel beautiful again and giving me something to gush about!



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It’s been awhile…

March 22, 2007 at 5:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Hello, cyberspace! I certainly have missed you since I’ve been away! Here’s a quick run-down of the changes in my life since last we spoke:

1) I am in the process of getting divorced (read my blog on my monogamy and this may not be THAT surprising to you)

2) I start grad school on April 2. I will be pursuing a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Applied Behavior Analysis. Yay! Three more years of school…ugh.

3) I received a “promotion” at work. For those of you who don’t understand state government, I was previously employed as an OPS worker (Read: I didn’t get sick leave, vacation time, paid holidays or health insurance). Now, I will be doing the same job, but as Career Service, so I get all the goodies I was lacking previously (and a little more scratch to boot)!

I’m sure this blog will just take off now that I have many new topics to discuss such as dating…oh boy!

I will probably blog later tonight about the many joys(?) of dating.

Until then…

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You know what really grinds my gears?

October 20, 2006 at 3:37 pm (Schtuff)

When people say “brb” and then leave for 900 years. “BRB” means be right back, not be back in 900 years. If you plan to be gone for an extended period of time, then say “be back later”, or “be back in awhile”, or “be back in 900 years”. Come on people, use the terminology appropriately.

That is all.

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My weekend with the Rohdes….

September 24, 2006 at 9:34 pm (Schtuff)

This blog actually has nothing to do with that weekend. I’m just trying to be a smart-ass, which usually gets me into trouble. I haven’t blogged in awhile and sadly, I have nothing of much interest to say now. I am merely writing in an attempt to get in the habit in case something cool does happen to me.

I spent a few days in Daytona Beach at the Florida Association of Behavior Analysis convention. Sounds fun, right? Actually, it was. We know how to PART-AY! Actually, nothing that cool happened, but I did take time out to see The Black Dahlia. I REALLY liked it. Apparently, I am basically the only one. The reviews were horrible. Perhaps I was unbiased by that fact that I knew very little about murder.  Also, I am an easily amused audience member. I try not to over-think plots and just sit back and let myself be entertained. Obviously, the fact that the film was set in 1940’s Hollywood (one of my obsessions) helped me fall in love with the movie. I also love a good murder mystery. Mix in lesbianism and allusions to snuff and you have yourself a great flick. I would recommend giving it a watch, even if you wait for the rental!

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Monogamy: Myth or just Mystical?

September 14, 2006 at 9:07 pm (Sex, Lies, and Videotape)


  1. The practice or condition of having a single sexual partner during a period of time.
    1. The practice or condition of being married to only one person at a time.
    2. The practice of marrying only once in a lifetime.
  2. Zoology. The condition of having only one mate during a breeding season or during the breeding life of a pair.

Let me start off this sure to be blasphemous post by stating that I am, “happily” married. I put the happily in quotes, because, let’s face it….happiness is a transitory state.

Recall, part of my background is in sociology. Just a little break down, so you can see where I’m coming from. Sociologists look at the world as being culturally driven. A word I will throw around a lot is “socialized”. As a behavior analyst, I would have another term for it, but that is neither here nor there. Socialized simply means that, as a culture, we are predisposed to certain ideas and philosophies. At least, this is the theory.

That said, I often wonder just how far our sociological “brain-washing” has infiltrated us as individuals. One of my favorite topics to ponder is the idea of monogamy. Now, plenty of scientists, scholars and laymen will hypothesize as to the reason for monogamy. I think it’s best to start off by examining sex.

Clearly, sex is meant for procreation. Hopefully, everyone can embrace that as mostly fact. So, at some point in evolution, some genius was like “Whoa, this is fun. It feels great. Let’s do it all the time”. Enter the birth of sex as a hobby. Now, after the advent of psychotherapy and marriage counseling it has come to be known as “fact” that sex is “part of a healthy relationship”. So, now all of a sudden, if we aren’t having sex we aren’t healthy and damn sure can’t be happy. Wow! In such a short period of time sex went from a biological need to keep the species alive to a requirement. It’s no wonder so many people have such twisted views of sex. Let’s just go ahead and throw in pornography and we can really see why the world needs therapy. Young boys growing up thinking that what they see in their dad’s Playboy or some video they scammed off a friend is truly what life is about. How many films and shows place emphasis on men wanting, no, needing sex. What about women? Well, they are taught how to use their sexuality to control men. You have to be provocative enough to get them interested, but if you give away all the milk then they won’t be buying you, Cow.

So, now we have a bunch of horny people running around exploring their sexuality at will. We just can’t have that and have a healthy society. At some point, someone has to put on the brakes. Enter, monogamy. The idea that each man should only be with one woman. But, why? For starters, disease. People start getting sick and you need answers. Let’s start by limiting sexual partners. Tell people that first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes….lots of hot married love-making. Now, I would personally think the threat of genital warts would be enough of a reason to give monogamy a try, but there are a slew of other factors. It makes for a more stable family unit. It gives people a sense of security. It limits jealousy and other emotions that come from sharing intimacy with more than one person.

Well, all of this was great for awhile. Society was filled with more complacent, religious people. Now, it’s a whole new ball game. People are free-thinkers. There are many more atheist and agnostic people, who aren’t swayed by the will of the church. Oh, and science….let’s not forget the many advancements in birth control, STD prevention, and cures. So, have we found a way around monogamy?

Well, let’s look at some possibilities. Let’s say you are married and your partner is having sex with someone else. What about that would hurt you the most? Is it simply jealousy that they are having sex with someone besides you? Is it a feeling of betrayal that they lied to you? Is it feeling badly about yourself that you couldn’t “satisfy” your partner? Is it the idea that they broke their vow to you? Is it the fear that they have found someone better and now you will be alone?

Now, let’s look at another example. What if your best friend is also friends with someone else? What if they go and do things together that you don’t enjoy doing with your best friend? Are you upset? Are you jealous? Well, probably not. We are expected to have more than one friend. In fact, it is healthy to have lots of different friends and each one of them fulfills a different need for us. Perhaps you love going for runs with one, seeing movies with another, and you always go to yet another one when you need good advice. So, why is it that if we can have, and even need, more than one friend, that we are expected to be fulfilled with only one romantic partner?

I think part of it goes back to the sex. The idea that a lover would need someone else to fullfill them isn’t exactly an ego booster. Also, we have a sense of ownership when we enter into a romantic realtionship that isn’t there with just mere friendship.

So, what if sex wasn’t a factor? What if you just had great conversation with another person? What if you confided in them things you couldn’t tell your spouse? What if you held hands, cuddled or kissed? At what point is it “cheating”?

It seems to me as if monogamy is what happens when you try to prove to someone that you really love them. Isn’t it possible to love more than one person? You can love more than one child and more than one parent, so why can’t you love more than one person and want to share your life with them both?

More on this topic later. I’ll go ahead and let cyberspace marinate on this part for now.

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Allow myself to introduce…myself

September 5, 2006 at 12:40 pm (C'est Moi)

So, as of yet I have no idea why I’m doing this or how long it will last. A little background:

I’m 24 years old and work for the State of Florida as a behavior analyst. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Well, it can be, but right now I am mostly a paper-pusher. One who files, writes reports, files, sends e-mails about reports not written and sometimes gets to attend meetings (yes!). 

I went to college with aspirations to be an international business lawyer. I didn’t really know what that meant, but in my mind it was a really powerful person who attended lots of meetings and had phone conferences to set-up mergers and close “big deals”.  I also thought that minoring in Japanese would be especially helpful to this profession. It only took one semester of business classes and failing intro Japanese to realize that my picture-perfect profession was not how I pictured. I quickly switched to psychology because I liked the intro class I had taken over the summer.  I didn’t really have a plan in mind until I met Jesse Dallery (swoon!). He was my Applied Behavior Analysis professor and boy was he cute. Have you seen that key chain “If it weren’t for boys I’d quit school?”, well, that’s me. I’m really not fond of classes so there has to be some bonus to not only get, but keep me there.  So, Jesse taught me the basics of behavior analysis, and I loved it almost as much as I loved him. I found out that he taught a graduate level class in which he would sometimes allow advance undergraduates to enroll. I finally had a plan. I took every class I could in order to have a class with Jesse again, and it worked. Only, when I walked into that graduate level course, Jesse wasn’t nearly as cute as I remembered him being two years prior. Oh well, at this point I had devoted my life to applied behavior analysis, and I found that I rather enjoyed the science. Flash forward to now. I feel trapped. I have been pigeon-holed into this particular area of behavior analysis and it is NOTHING like Jesse described. He spoke of a world of abnormal psychology, treating phobias, addiction and OCD. Here I am having actual meetings about how to teach mentally retarded people to masturbate appropriately, without inserting paper into their vagina or paper clips into their penis. I mean honestly, sometimes I sit and think about what other “professionals” talk about at their meetings. I guess it makes for interesting stories at happy hour.

So, I did the “right thing”. I went to school and got a degree in something practical, but it’s not what I’m passionate about. I have this drive to do something creative. I want a job where every day is a new challenge. So, with this goal in mind, my best friend and I are attempting to start an event design business. Yes, we’ll probably do weddings, but I don’t want to be a “wedding planner”. I look at it as so much more than that. I want to see my ideas come to life and be the one in charge of making it happen. I know it sounds so incredibly corny, but I’m really excited about the prospect.

That gives you a general background as far as where I am professionally right now. As far as other important information:

I’m married. I’m sure my thoughts on marriage, sex and relationships will be a central theme to this blog as I have plenty of ideas on those topics, thanks in part to my many courses in sociology. I have some radical ideas when it comes to relationships, but you’ll have to keep reading to learn more about them.

I love the gays. That’s right, I said “the” gays. They are their own breed of people. Accept it. I have two gay best friends, however, I feel i’m getting cheated when it comes to some quintessential facets of the gay on straight relationship paradigm. More on that later as well.

I think that is all I will disclose for today. By the way, the blog name, “when smart people act dum(b)”, is referring to me. I spent most of my life attending a “gifted” school and in some ways people can probably tell that I am “intelligent”, however, I will probably spout off some of the dumbest things you will ever have the misfortune to read.

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